Royal Society of Arts have announced the winners of the 95th Student Design Awards, and this year marks the second year where Symphony Group have co- sponsored one of the award briefs, along with Blum UK, Blanco, Kessebohmer, The Kitchen Education Trust, and the National Innovation Centre for Ageing.


The RSA Design Award brief for the ‘Beyond the Kitchen Table’ was to develop an inclusive kitchen product, or spatial solution, that enables people of divers ages and needs to prepare and eat food, entertain, engage in hobbies or work and enjoy life together.

Winners of the 2019 ‘Beyond the Kitchen Table’ award were Sara Alber for Touchpoint, Ben Capern for Flow and Louise Farnsworth for Core:

• Touchpoint by Sara Alber is a plate and bowl designed for people with ADHD to direct their focus on the food they are eating through tactile stimuli. Touchpoint creates comfort and confidence to eat in company and helps prevent eating disorders.


• Ben Capern designed Flow, a new stabilising mixing bowl aiding cake preparation for those with low dexterity. Flow offers independence to both children and impaired parents, allowing them to complete recipes and share a more enjoyable bonding experience through cooking together.

• Louis Farnsworth designed and developed Core, a range of kitchen safety knives designed to protect users from cuts and lacerations. The Core range is intended to boost confidence among visually impaired people and users of diverse ages within the kitchen environment.



Robert Newton, Head of Marketing, Symphony Group, said “We’d like to thank each one of the participants for taking the time to submit their entry this year, the winners and runners up have been absolutely fantastic. We’re really pleased to continue our relationship with RSA Student Awards again this year and we’ve been inspired by some of the designs we’ve seen this year; some of these designs would work perfectly in our inclusive kitchen brand of Freedom kitchens.”

The RSA Student Design Awards recognises projects by students and recent graduates that use design to solve social challenges. Beyond the Kitchen Table is just one of the many awards available. For full details on awards and winners, please visit the website here.