The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) is a charity dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring wildlife and wild places in Yorkshire. Their vision is for a Yorkshire that is abundant in wildlife, with more people having a genuine and meaningful connection with nature. As we’re Gold Members of YWT, we support them both financially, and by getting our hands dirty and completing practical projects within our local community.

On Thursday 29th February, we took part in a Wild Work Day with YWT and sent a team of volunteers into Barnsley. Our staff were planting trees at the Oaks Lane site as part of a project lead by Barnsley Council called ‘Branching Out Barnsley’.



‘Branching Out Barnsley’ involves planting native woodland on Barnsley Council owned sites which are currently known as ‘amenity grassland’ and have little value to wildlife or people. YWT want to create spaces which can be enjoyed by locals as well as providing wildlife habitat, capturing carbon, and mitigating the effects of climate change.


We’d like to say thank you to Lucy from YWT and Amber from Barnsley Council for their help and guidance on the day, and a big thanks to the team of volunteers from Symphony!



We’re looking forward to supporting our local wildlife & wild places again at our next YWT workday.


To follow our progress with YWT, visit our website and social media pages.