The Symphony kitchen in your new home has been built to the highest standards by the country’s largest supplier of quality fitted furniture to housebuilders and developers. Designed with flair and installed with the greatest attention to detail, we are confident you will be happy with its stylish appearance and durability for many years to come. Many people are interested in personalising and expanding their kitchen to reflect their tastes and lifestyle. Here we can help with a catalogue of extras that you can order from.  

Our Additional Unit team is on hand to ensure you can order your additions easily, whether that is extra cabinets, additional worktops, handle changes, lighting, storage solutions or other accessories. 

Please note we do not supply bedrooms, bathrooms or appliances through our additional units team. Our internal additional units team do not offer design or installation services, for these services please contact your nearest retailer.

For details about your new kitchen and how to care for it visit the MySymphony online portal

Download our brochure by clicking on the image below;

Simple Steps to Order

1 Identifying your kitchen units

When planning your additional units please ensure you have the correct measurements. Our Brochure will assist you in identifying the information you require when ordering your additional kitchen units.

2 Request a quote

Request a quote and/or a call back using the form below. If you need additional help filling in the form then please Contact us on 01226 446610 or email

Please note our phone lines are open between 8:30am-3:00pm Monday to Friday.

Alternatively we have a selection of retailers who can help you out, find your nearest retailer by heading to our page and filtering with the ‘additional units’ tab

3 Place an order

All orders placed with Symphony are processed by phone so when you are ready to place an order please contact us on 01226 446610. We accept payment for your additional units order by either card or cheque.

If you are ordering through your nearest retailer, they will advise on their own payment terms.

4 Delivery

Our standard delivery time is 3 weeks. Your additional units will be delivered to an address of your choice. You will need to arrange for an authorised person to be present at the time of delivery to sign for the order and provide access to your property. Our team will offload and take your additional units into the property.


Please note that additional units are provided on a supply only basis and we do not offer a fitting service. If you do require fitting we advise you order your units through one of our retail partners.

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Who manufactures my kitchen, bedroom or bathroom?

If you’ve moved into a new home and have a Symphony kitchen, bedroom or bathroom it is manufactured by the Symphony Group. We are the UK’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of fitted kitchen, fitted bedroom and fitted bathroom furniture. Our customers include housebuilders, housing developers, social housing providers, independent retailers and stockists/merchants. Their customers customers’ are you – the homeowners who use and enjoy our kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms every day. Most people with a Symphony kitchen, bedroom or bathroom have acquired or chosen it as part of their new build home. Or you might have bought yours from a retailer or ordered additional units direct from us. See more about Symphony on our company profile page.

Who fits my kitchen, bedroom or bathroom?

If you’ve bought a new build, it depends on the site. In some cases, it will be Symphony Group fitters who have fitted your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom furniture. In others, it will be your housebuilders/developers fitters. You can contact your housebuilder to ask who fitted your Symphony kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Who do I contact if there is a problem with my kitchen, bedroom or bathroom?

If you are snagging or into the first 2 years on your new home ownership you should contact your housebuilder or social housing provider, because your warranty is with them. If you bought from a retailer you should contact them. If in doubt, always go back to the point of purchase if you have any problems.

What is the range name of my kitchen?

The range of your kitchen may be identified through our additional units brochure. Alternatively if you contact with your site, plot number and postcode and our team will be able to advise. You can also use our kitchen designer to help identify it.

Can you come and measure my kitchen and complete a design?

Symphony do not offer a design and measure service for additional units. If you would like this service please find your nearest retailer here who will be able to help.

Can you provide me with designs for my order?

If you are ordering something which requires a design, we recommend you contact your local Symphony retailer here.

Who fits the items I order?

Your order is provided on a supply only basis, you would need to arrange you own kitchen fitter to install the items for you.