In the year of the 50th anniversary for the Symphony Group, the company is proud to announce it’s candidacy in the FSC® Furniture Awards. Symphony have continually committed to purchasing responsibly sourced timber from verified well managed forests and now offer four ranges that are made from 100% recycled board, one of which, Urban Grey Walnut,  is a candidate for the ‘W12 Home Living Award’ for indoor furniture.



Symphony is also a candidate for the FSC communication award, continuously promoting FSC and encouraging the industry to consider responsibly sourced timber through out their dealings. This sustainable FSC message is echoed in Symphony’s sustainability brochure, which discusses the steps taken thus far to become an environmentally friendly business. A page in the brochure has been dedicated to show how FSC® is incorporated into their practice and emphasises how important it is to be aware of the potential impact on the planet, accompanied by other environmental product data and company data. 

The UK public are becoming more and more aware of their own impact on the environment. Following a growing number of customer queries, Symphony have started to share their full FSC certification through social media platforms.

To read more about Symphony’s commitment to FSC, check out their social media accounts and click on the link to access their sustainability page.

FSC Licence Code (FSC-C008501)