With 50 years of experience we understand the importance of operating in a responsible, sustainable manner. We have always taken our responsibilities to the environment seriously and are committed to playing our part by learning, innovating and implementing sustainable actions to limit our impact on the planet.



Carbon emissions reduced per £m turnover 2017-2021

These emissions have been associated with our manufacturing, head office and transport operations.


tCo2e saved from 2019-21

Which is the carbon dioxide equivalent of taking 1028 cars off the road for three years or charging 575.3 million smart phones.


Boiler installed in 2007

Symphony led the industry in 2007 installing a boiler which is fed with wood waste from manufacturing to create fuel for the site.

Product Credentials


All our timber based materials are FSC® certified.

All of our cabinet legs are made from 100% recycled plastic.


Four of our ranges are made from 100% recycled board.

All our paint to order doors are painted with water-based paint.


All our kitchen door and worktop corner protectors are made from either 100% recycled plastic or 100% recycled pulp.


Our cabinet chipboard is made from a minimum of 50% recycled material.



As of March 2022, 11.25% of our car fleet are hybrid electric.


None of our manufacturing waste is sent to landfill.


Our vehicles are amongst the most fuel efficient on Britain’s roads, with reduced emissions and keeping our air cleaner.



We’re Gold Members of The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

YWT is a charity dedicated to conserving, protecting, and restoring wildlife and wild places in Yorkshire.


We’ve achieved our Gold Badge with the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

By completing regular assessments, participating in learning activities and case studies, we’ve achieved our Gold status.


Since May 2021, all our literature has been produced on carbon balanced paper.

We are proud of our history of innovation and continuously review and enhance our operations to ensure that Symphony is a leading example of sustainability in our industry. To read more about our sustainable approach, please click the link below to view our brochure.