Subtle Kitchen Renovations | Scarlett Dixons Home

New kitchens can be one of the largest selling points of a new build home but often tastes and requirements change, meaning the dream kitchen chosen may no longer suit your style or not be offering the storage solutions you are looking for.

If you want to uplift the look of the space without a complete renovation, why not consider adapting your kitchen with new finishing touches and the addition of new storage areas?

This is what Scarlett Dixon, of @ScarlettLondon did with her Cranbrook Sage kitchen.

Cranbrook sage green kitchen with white worktop and brass kitchen handles with white bar stools and a marble dining table with benches

The Process

First we discussed with Scarlett the look she was hoping to achieve with Symphony additional units, and also the things about her current kitchen she wanted to improve to create the dream home.

The initial thing discussed was the lighting in the room, and how we could focus on brightening up the kitchen space. It was agreed this could be achieved with a change of worktops, that created a stronger contrast between the cabinets and also provided a light-reflective space.

Scarlett loved the change, “We are so delighted by how the worktops look and we can’t believe how much they change up the look of the kitchen. Light bounces off the surface and everything looks so bright and clean! It’s a fabulous (and more affordable) alternative to natural stone and it’s made such a huge difference in transforming our standard new build kitchen into our dream one!”

Cornice and Pelmet were also added, alongside brass kitchen handles, which elevated the look of the kitchen to create a beautifully elegant look. Brass is one of the most popular interior trends of the moment and definitely helped to create a sophisticated space in Scarlett’s home.

The kitchen had limited numbers of drawers, so Scarlett opted to change two of the cabinets under the hob into pan drawers, providing a practical change that will help her with organising the contents of her cabinets.

Split image showing a before and after of a cranbrook sage image which has improvements including new worktop and furniture


To ensure you get the look of the kitchen you are dreaming of we highly recommend doing your research and creating a mood board of the various styles you see.

As you research you will find handles, worktops and even range styles that you prefer, make sure to save these and combine with the kitchen finishing touches to see how the multiple elements will combine when you fit.

You can explore all our inspiration blogs and also our social media to see the Symphony kitchens in real homes, along with following the #MySymphonyStyle tag on Instagram.

Pinterest is also a great place to look, with thousands of posts on kitchen design and styling.


Mood board showing cranbrook sage kitchen with a selection of finishing touches available through to Symphony Additional Units service

How to start your project with Symphony additional units:

You can order extra items for your kitchen either through our internal team or from many of our retail partners.

We recommend you use a retailer for larger renovations like Scarlett’s, where new worktops and cabinet changes are required, as our partners can assist you with the fitting of these items.

To find your nearest retailer head to our dealer locator page and enter your postcode, filtering by additional units in the search area. Alternatively, you can contact our internal team through the form on our additional units page.


If you would like to add some finishing touches or make subtle changes to create your dream home, then find your nearest retailer now.

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