Freedom Installation Guidance

Please read the installation instructions before installing a Freedom kitchen.

These guidelines are not a substitute for professional advice, please contact us if you have any queries. The product details and installation techniques are accurate at the date of publication, however products will inevitably change from time to time and we advise you to check the design, descriptions, specification and techniques of any of the products are still valid at the time of placing an order.

Freedom Installation Instructions

Freedom Installation Manual 2022

Ropox Electric System - Troubleshooting Videos

Our partners at Ropox have created a series of short troubleshooting videos for the Ropox system which is used for all Freedom flexible electric worktops.

Ropox System Overview

Control Box

How to reset the system

Safety Strip Connections

How to resolve clicking sounds – Ropox Resistors

How to fit the safety strip – the importance of flush fascias