5 Steps to Achieve the Dream Home Office

The current shift towards home working has got many experts predicting it as a growing trend for the way we all work in the future, as many employees prove their productivity and trust whilst working away from the office.

With this in mind we wanted to give you our designers 5 top tips for creating a perfect home office, that is practical, but also suits your style and the way you live within your home.

1- Decide on your space.

The first thing you want to do is thoroughly think about where your home office will be. It might be tempting to use a spare room, but you need to consider the primary use of that room, for example, will it be for entertaining guests frequently? If so will your office space might take away from the cosiness of the room. Are there any un-used nooks within your home? Will these fit all your tech and paperwork without taking away from the function of the space? You will need to weigh up the pros and cons of the chosen spaces and, once decided, measure the height, depth and width you can use before you consider what you would like in the space.

a bedroom space with a desk and a set of drawers in a pink walled room with a large circular window. A bed with bedding on is shown

2- What do you NEED to work efficiently?

It can be easy to start designing lots of drawers into your space, and design in the biggest desk you can fit, however now is the time to consider the essentials you need to work at home. For many, this might just be a desk to fit laptops with a little space for paperwork, but for others, a complex filing area may be needed. How many plug sockets do you need? Might it be worth incorporating a pull-up plug socket into your design for laptops, phones and other devices?

All our features can be found in our Urbano brochure HERE.

3- How will features bring together the styling.

Now you know your space and what you need within it, it is the time to consider those features that will create the style you are looking for. Some extra features may help you achieve this, by converting a space from plain to pleasing. Shelves with curated items will create a focal point in the room and may detract the eye from unsightly tech, wiring or paperwork at desk level. The addition of decorative baskets and, and soft furnishings will also improve the overall feel your new workspace.

pink room with gemoetric floor with a desk, filing cabinet and 4 shelves. laptops, lamps and other office accessories are shown

4- Co-ordinating furniture.

If you have opted to use a spare bedroom as the chosen office space, you may wish to consider whether you want to co-ordinate or contrast with the bedroom furniture, or if you will be re-designing this room to suit its new purpose. Our woodgrain finishes are best combined with crisp white furniture such as beds or wardrobes, alternatively, you can co-ordinate your wardrobes with the finishes available in the home office collection. Our Urbano retailers will be able to present you with all our colour choices, so you can make the best decision for your personal look.

Our Dusk Dark Oak bedroom furniture designed with Dark Oak Home office furniture


5- Get in touch with our experts.

All our Urbano retailers are trained in the home office collection, to find your nearest designer head to our dealer locator HERE. They know which product suits specific spaces and also what configurations can be made to fit into certain size areas. Let them know your measurements, requirements and style preferences and they will be able to put together a selection of recommendations, taking away any stress and presenting you with the dream space. Alternatively, many of our retailers are able to measure your space and will offer a one-to-one consultation to ensure their designs meet your needs, please contact your nearest retailer to find out more.

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