Now is the perfect time to shop your wardrobe, but first you need to ensure it is organised thoroughly, to reduce clutter and mislaid items.

Learn how to create your must organised wardrobes today, with clever storage solutions from Urbano and some handy tips for overall perfection.

What storage is most important to you? Hanging, shelves or maybe shoes?

Features Shown: Shoe Compartments, Double Hanging Rails, Internal Mirror

Organising your clothes, shoes and accessories into your wardrobes will be significantly more difficult if the space you have is too small for the number of items you want to place inside. Therefore you need to consider how much space you truly need, or if you would be willing to sacrifice some of the contents.

We offer a selection of storage and size options to give you the choice for what you need within your home, with internal drawer options alongside external, which allow you to decide on the look to opt for.


Consider how you choose your outfit and design your wardrobes to suit.

Features Shown: Shoe Shelving, Internal Drawers and Integrated Lighting

The next step of design for organisation is to consider how you get ready. If you have set clothes for work, loungewear and weekend wear then it would be suggested the flow of the wardrobe reflects this. Thinking about your process and discussing this with your Urbano designer will allow them to make suggestions.

Our 12 multi-compartment storage is perfect for shoes, but could also be used for foldable items and is the perfect way to divide up the contents of the storage. This solution is also available in an 8 compartment option, which can be chosen to suit you.

Browse Your Existing Wardrobe. What items are hard to store?

Features Shown: Internal Lighting. Double Rail Hanging. Internal Drawers

If all your items are shorter then maybe you can consider a double hanging rail to increase rail capacity. However, if you have longer coats or jumpsuits and dresses then this may not be the most practical solution, as it may remove the opportunity to have full length hanging.

We encourage a combination of hanging storage and shelving. Shelving is exceptionally versatile allowing you to fold jumpers and loungewear, but could be swapped out for storage basket at a later date for items such as gloves or scarves.

If you would like to start the process of creating your most organised wardrobes find your nearest Urbano retailer today!

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