Saint-Gobain and Barratt Developments eHome2 at the University of Salford

The construction industry accounts for 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint In a mission to reach net zero, there needs to be action and it needs to be now. To support innovators in delivering net zero homes by 2030, we are delighted to be involved in the Energy House 2.0 laboratory at the University of Salford in collaboration with Barratt, Bellway and Saint-Gobain. The largest test and research facility of its kind, this environmental chamber, that is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), contains two detached houses that sit within controlled weather and temperature conditions to drive innovation and solutions that address global and domestic energy efficiency challenges.

Symphony Hacienda Grey Driftwood Kitchen in Saint-Gobain and Barratt’s eHome2

eHome2, a partnership between Saint-Gobain and Barratt Developments has been created to understand how sustainable housing can be delivered at scale using construction solutions manufactured off-site. It will also pilot the use of next generation heating and ventilation technologies as well as utilise smart technology to enable occupants to change the temperature and turn on the shower at the click of a button. Our sustainable Hacienda Grey Driftwood kitchen (above) is part of this scheme with doors made from 100% recycled board, cabinet legs made from 100% recycled plastic (primarily from the motor vehicle industry) and cabinets crafted from a minimum of 50% recycled material. Our signature ‘Cam and Dowel’ manufacturing method also embraces the ‘Repair, Not Replace’ ethos, as it allows any component on a Symphony cabinet to be replaced so if any damage occurs over time, a single panel can be replaced rather than the whole cabinet. The house also has a host of innovative solutions, including weberwall brick; a high-performing timber frame system from Scotframe and Pasquill’s Posi-JoistTM floor cassettes that allow for the integration of Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery Systems (MVHR).

Symphony New York Kitchen in Bottle Green featured in Bellway’s Future Home

Bellway’s Future Home also features the Symphony New York kitchen in Bottle Green (above).

We have been able to offer a sustainable solution for the home as our timber-based products are made of material from well-managed FSC® certified forests and our cabinets are made from over 50% recycled material. We also use water-based paint for all our paint to order cabinet doors. The Future Home also includes three types of heating, two air source heat pumps, mechanical ventilation, solar power with battery storage, enhanced insulation, double vs triple glazing, precast flooring, a shower tray that recaptures heat and a smart control that learns when you need to heat your home. Testing and research at the Energy House 2.0 began in February 2023 and the first results will be published later this year.

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