We are all becoming increasingly aware of being more environmentally conscious in our daily lives, and considering how to create a more sustainable kitchen.

Symphony has curated some tips on how you can consider sustainability in your new kitchen project and alongside swaps and advise for your day to day life, to help increase your overall sustainability in the kitchen.


100% Recycled Doors

3 kitchens from Sympohnys sustainable kitchen collection. A light woodgrain finish, a concrete effect and a dark wood effect look all in kitchen settings


Are you thinking about improving the sustainability of your kitchen? We now offer four ranges that are made from 100% recycled chipboard.

Are these styles not for you? Don’t worry, our cabinets are made from 49% recycled chipboard too, which is just another way you can contribute to a more sustainable kitchen space. In addition all of our timber based materials are FSC® certified, ensuring the wood comes from a well managed forest in accordance with strict environmental standards.


Organisation of Groceries

One of the key contributing factors to food waste is when we forget what we have hidden at the back of a cabinet, and with around a third of food grown for consumption wasted, it is important we all do our part to diminish wastage.

Did you buy a jar of sauce and then buy two more at the shops? Or bought some more salad, even though you didn’t eat the items from last weeks shop that has now gone to waste? We have all been there. This is why the organisation of your space is so important.

Symphony has a range of solutions that will ensure you can see as much of the contents of your kitchen as possible, encouraging you to use what you have in your home before buying more at the shops. If you do like to have backups of store cupboard essentials we recommend placing those with the shortest dates to the front so that this is used first.


Recycling Solutions

It is a common understanding that recycling is a very important part of being environmentally conscious, however, when we are in a rush we may not take the time to separate our waste properly.

This is where our recycling bins can help. With various compartments in one location, it will be as easy to sort your waste as it is to use the general bin.


Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances

Opting for integrated LED lighting can help reduce the energy usage for your space, providing task lighting over general space lighting. LED bulbs offer so many environmental benefits, including the bulbs last longer (generally quoted at around 18 years), LED’s use a lot less energy, they don’t flicker or get hot and emit no UV emissions. 

Have you ever thought about what materials are used to create your lights? We now offer LED Astro lights that are manufactured from steel rather than plastic. Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled any number of times without loss of quality. Our Astro lights are also triotone, meaning that the light output can be changed between warm, neutral and cool. When you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen, the triotone technology offers you the chance to keep these lights rather than installing new ones, saving on cost and waste.


Use Re-Usable Items

Single-use items are some of the most damaging for the environment therefore it is worthwhile investing in items you can use time and time again. We all know that using Tupperware for leftovers is a great option, however many tubs are still made from plastic. Bamboo products are a more eco-conscious alternative as they do not require the processes plastic does and can be found in a range of storage tub sizes.

Where a re-usable option may not be suitable why not opt for compostable solutions like food and freezer bags which are great for leftovers or fruit and veg that may be about to turn bad.


Recycle your old kitchen

Symphony is proud to partner with ‘The Used Kitchen Company’ to help recycled old kitchens. Through this partnership our premium partner retailers can help you sell your old kitchen to avoid your kitchen ending up in landfill. This also creates funds for you to buy your new Symphony kitchen and takes care of the removal of your current kitchen. The Used Kitchen Company purchase both used kitchens and also ex-display kitchens from our retailers and then sell them through their online marketplace. Find out more at www.theusedkitchencompany.com.


Find your nearest Symphony retailer to explore our sustainable options.