Planning a new kitchen takes time and careful consideration. As well as style – classic or contemporary – one of the most important things to think about is colour. Trends come and go, especially when it comes to kitchen design. But with a Gallery fitted kitchen, the palette is enduring and timeless, so you know that your design will stand the test of time. What’s more, with kitchens being such a big investment, it’s more important than ever that your next scheme looks good for years to come. We’ve seen a 100% rise in searches for Sage Green Kitchens on Google lately and this is largely due to this being a palette that promotes calm and a sense of well-being; a tone that’s soft and light. It works equally well in compact kitchens and large open-plan spaces and can make a smaller room feel bigger. It also complements all kinds of materials, finishes and accent tones and helps bring a sense of the outside in thanks to its nature-inspired palette.

Cranbrook in Sage

Take our Cranbrook classic country kitchen, which comes in three matt colours including Sage, as shown above. A beautiful classic shaker design, it’s a simple style that complements period properties and cottages alike, as well as adding character to modern homes and new-builds. With open shelves, island units, glazed dressers, a wide selection of cabinet handles and a mix and match approach to worksurfaces, Cranbrook can be customised to suit your needs and lifestyle as well as the interior décor that surrounds it.

Islands can be multifunctional and used for food preparation, valuable extra storage and as a casual dining spot for breakfast and snacks. To enhance a traditional look and feel, range cooker mantels and walk-in pantries are all practical as well as classically styled and allow for easy and effortless family mealtimes as well as entertaining. Sage is such a versatile colour that it can be paired with all kinds of accent tones to enhance a soft, soothing look or create contrast with a colour pop. Think pretty rose and blush textiles for wallpaper and seating and finish with natural stone flooring to balance things out.

When you want a more natural, organic look, consider our New England kitchen in Atlantic Green, as shown below. This in-frame design combines clean lines with classic styling and helps create a sense of calm amongst the chaos of a family kitchen. It works wonderfully with wooden accents such as oak worksurfaces and timber flooring in a basketweave or herringbone design and it can be enhanced further still with a classic Belfast sink and polished traditional knob and cup handles.

Atlantic Green New ENgland kitchen with brass handles and brass tap shown with a marble worktop

New England in Atlantic Green

Storage is also carefully considered with open-ended worktables and island ends for easy access to everyday items, corner pantries for baking ingredients and breakfast items, pull-out larders for dried food and bottles along with open shelving for cookware, crockery and ceramics that are too big for base or wall cabinets. Drawers can also be easily organised with dividers and inserts perfect for baking trays and drying racks.

New England in Atlantic Green

The Gallery Kitchen Collection is available from retailers throughout the UK, click here to find your nearest showroom, where you will be able to see several kitchens on display and samples of all doors, work surfaces and handles. All the Gallery Kitchen Collection retailers offer planning and design services.