When planning a perfect interior, many people’s wish-list is for a calm and organised home. There’s nothing quite like having plenty of storage with a place for everything and everything in its place. With this in mind, one of the biggest trends right now is for a dedicated laundry room to take the stress and strain out of the kitchen. Laundry rooms are a hardworking hub of the home and there are so many benefits if you can make the space to slot one in.

Co-ordinate with the kitchen

Our selection of laundry cabinets and accessories have been designed to make laundry days easier, quicker and less of a chore. You can choose a modern or traditional style to complement your décor and property. As our laundry, larder and base cabinets, with internal fittings and added accessories, are available across all our kitchen ranges, you can have a co-ordinated laundry space and kitchen for a cohesive look and feel throughout. We love the Urban White design shown here, as its clean and fresh feel is perfect for laundry rooms with a cool and calming look.

Look for dedicated storage

Our Laundry Room Cabinet for instance, is a real game-changer. Perfect for storing away an ironing board, vacuum, broom and all those cleaning products and items that you don’t want on display. To make your cabinet even more organised, we have a shelf & dustpan holder set that can be fitted to the inside of your broom or base cabinet as well as a chrome iron holder, which can be fitted to the side panel inside a 600mm larder or base cabinet. And to keep your mop or broom out of sight yet easy to access, our broom or mop holder can also be easily fitted inside a larder cabinet.

Use the vertical space available

Many homes struggle for space and it can be difficult to see how everything can fit in. With a little careful planning, you can create savvy storage solutions that allow for quick and easy access to household essentials while also keeping them out of sight when not in use. A great tip is to use the vertical space available, rather than look at just the floor space. Our Cabinet with Pull Out Ironing Board is a great space-saver, as this 500mm wide unit features either a door or drawer below with an ironing board cleverly hidden away that easily pulls out when needed.

Practicality is key

Our Cabinet with Laundry Basket meanwhile is a wonderfully practical 600mm wide base cabinet that allows you to store dirty washing out of view until laundry day. With two removable baskets, it’s ideal for sorting whites and darks before washing.

When it comes to home cleaning, our Cleaning Agent Rack will make this chore so much easier thanks to the detachable carry basket that allows you to simply pick up and take with you as you move from room to room. It can be fitted into any full height base cabinet with a minimum width of 400mm.

 Stack your laundry appliances

 Make laundry days even easier with a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer and store that freshly washed and ironed laundry in our Laundry Cabinet with Mesh Shelves and Sink Liner, which can be designed with a 500mm larder cabinet for the ultimate laundry room storage solution

Utilise internal fittings and fixtures

Our 500mm Cloaks Cabinet with Hanging Rail, Mesh Shelves and Liner is also a great addition to your space and is perfect for hanging up coats and keeping shoes and boots tidy and tucked away.

Our selection of cabinets with internal fittings are designed to make your life simpler while co-ordinating with your chosen Symphony kitchen design, so contact us today for more information about how we can help to transform your home ready for a fresh new start.

Want to discuss your ideas further? Please speak to your nearest retailer to discuss how you can add a utility room to your kitchen by using our dealer locator.