The kitchen work triangle is a concept we use in the design of efficient kitchen layouts that are both functional and aesthetic. The main tasks in any home kitchen are carried out between the cooker, sink and the refrigerator and it is these points and the imaginary lines between them offer you a seamless workflow. So if the shape of your kitchen is U-shaped, L-shaped, galley or otherwise a layout using the triangle at its heart can change the way you use your kitchen.

We have moved on from when it was the responsibility of one person in the home to prepare food, as families like to cook together. so we should think of this as a more evolved triangle which should create work ‘zones’ rather than distinct work areas.  For example your prep ‘zone’ should have everything you need to prepare your meal including knives, utensils and chopping boards.

Designer Tip: When redesigning a kitchen, put function first. Whatever the kitchen shape, plan for the sink, fridge and cooker to form a triangle for ease of movement.

Using the kitchen work triangle to create a space to socialise

The kitchen has taken over from the dining room as a place to relax and socialise, it has become central to the family home. Not only will a bar with stools or a kitchen island offer extra kitchen work space to prepare it will also serve as a central focal point to your kitchen design.

the kitchen work triangle should be incorporated into the design

Your kitchen should be a place to relax

No longer hidden as the back of the home, the kitchen has changed with the times we live in. It has become an all-purpose room where everyone gets involved. It is a place to relax and entertain as well as a place to cook.

Your work spaces should flow together

Release your inner chef

For those wanting to release their inner chef, the ultimate gourmet kitchen requires lots of space for easy manoeuvring and top of the range gadgets to prepare and cook your exquisite meals. Use the kitchen work triangle to create the space you need to move freely around your kitchen. Is there anything in the way that would stop the flow of the design?

the kitchen work triangle centres around the cooker, the fridge and the sink

For more information about how to incorporate the kitchen work triangle into your designs, speak to your local Symphony kitchen retailer

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