Known for her modern style with a traditional twist, Scarlett London is an interiors, home and lifestyle influencer who has built up a loyal following on social media. Her penchant for interiors inspired her to set up a virtual interior design business to help clients visualise their dream space and make it a reality. Alongside this, Scarlett has been renovating her own home, and having worked with her before on her new build kitchen a few years ago (read more here), we were delighted to help with her most recent project; the en-suite bathroom.


Starting the project Scarlett told us that “When we moved into our new build property four years ago, it immediately became apparent that the lack of storage in our en-suite shower room was going to be an issue. So, we ordered a cheap freestanding cabinet with hopes of achieving a tidy space and having somewhere to store some of our toiletries. However, nothing looked quite right or fitted and there was a lot of wasted space – so we knew we’d eventually have to upgrade it.

Having used Symphony before, Scarlett quickly discovered our Aquadi bathroom collection, a set of cleverly curated bathroom furniture ranges, that are not only on-trend but are hard-wearing and will stand the test of time. Symphony is proud to be able to cater to almost any bathroom design whether that be clean modern lines or a more traditional character look, it is important to explore a wide range of choices to ensure you are happy with the outcome. After some deliberation, Scarlett agreed that the Valencia range was the perfect fit, from the stylish shaker doors to the matt colour options, it is both modern with a nod to a more traditional bathroom feel.


Scarlett felt it was best to opt for an entire wall of built-in units to maximise storage and make the most of the space on offer. Achieving a sleek finish, the plan included one long countertop running the length of the wall to display toiletries and prevent a balancing act of soaps on top of a small basin.

Once the planning stage was over, it was out with the old and in with the new! Scarlett was able to re-use the existing shower screen, tap and shower tray – and previous basin, toilet and shower now have a new home (as they were only a few years old).


As soon as the tiling was complete, it was our time to shine, and the Aquadi furniture was ready to be fitted. Opting for a large semi-recessed star basin in the centre, flanked by cupboards and an enclosed WC on one end, giving three cupboards for storage, Scarlett was very pleased with the use of space here.

We recommended a continuous countertop was used which not only creates a sleek and clean look, but it offers plenty of space to display everyday essentials. Scarlett chose the ‘Gloss White’ laminate to reflect light around the room and provide a bright, modern finish.

Last and by no means least, the look was completed with beautiful American Bronze knobs by Symphony, which add a touch of high-end luxury to the overall design. Although it can be tempting to match metals in a bathroom, Scarlett was keen to contrast the American Bronze knobs and mirror to the chrome tap, shower screen and shower head. Scarlett says “I find chrome is more hard-wearing and practical in a bathroom as you don’t have to use special cleaning products and it is more resistant to scratches and marks. I’ve found out the hard way how difficult brushed brass can be to keep looking beautiful!”

To round off, Scarlett leaves us with her top tip after renovating her en-suite bathroom:

“Make the most of your space and build in as much storage as you can. Symphony offers a wide range of fitted bathroom furniture to suit a variety of personal tastes, so head over and check out their Aquadi Bathroom collection here. Fit the furniture with a long length of countertop to optimise space to display all your favourite perfumes, soaps and toiletries, too!”