Designing Black Kitchen Accessories into Your Home

Matt black kitchen accessories, features and accents have become increasingly popular in recent years, in all rooms of the house, including the kitchen.

This finish can be a little daunting to add to your design, but when combined with the most complimentary finishes and decor, black kitchen accessories can be an eye-catching and unique feature for your home.

See our top tips for designing this into your home, to make sure that matt black creates the perfect look for you.


3 images, first is a pink kitchen with black handle, then a concrete effect with black handle and a light muted grey toned brown

Combining this finish into the handles of your design is the easiest, and risk-free way to get matt black into your kitchen. Standard handles may be swapped out at a later date should you decide on a new style in a few years time, and as trends in interiors develop.

Or if you know the look is a keeper, you can opt for our Inline handle choice. This is a subtle addition to the door or drawer that creates a sleek contemporary style with its continuous matt black horizontal detail underneath the worktop.


Six Black glazed frontal wall units with crockery and glassware inside with black kitchen accessories inside the cabinets

Glazed Units

These glazed units are the perfect way of adding black into your home.

Design with internal lighting to fully showcase the contents, or without lighting the smoked black glass reduces the visibility of contents for a more subtle design.

Combine with our lighter finishes, such as Urban concrete or pebble, to ensure the brightness of a room isn’t compromised.



Open Shelving

Three images in a row showing matt black open shelving on the wall with a selection of decorations placed on them

Designing shelving into the kitchen presents an excellent opportunity to bring decorative ornaments into the space, or to display your favourite crockery and glassware. By designing these matt black options onto your walls, this allows a hint of the finish, but also plenty of space to personalise. Decanted cupboard staples such as pasta, or flour would be the perfect way to style these shelves and also save you space in standard cabinets.

Another great thing about this feature is the ability to place them anywhere in the home, allowing them to be designed into utility rooms or dining spaces.

Be sure to incorporate biophilic design ideas into these shelving areas, the process of bringing a touch of nature into the home, using faux or real house plants to bring the outdoors into the home.


Mid-Brown woodgrain frontal with a matt black inline handle and matt black plinth


The plinth of a kitchen is often seen as one of the more practical parts over the kitchen, with style not being a large consideration, but is one way to get black kitchen accessories incorporated into the design.

However with our recently launched black plinth, allows you to add a black feature into the style, which looks elegant when combined with a deeper floor shade like here in our Linear image. The finish of this plinth also perfectly matched that of our matt back Linear trim.




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