It’s tempting to choose a kitchen in the latest trends, be that door and worktop styles or colours which are immediately eye-catching and up to date.  However, there are benefits from choosing a timeless style of  kitchen which will last for years to come and help to ensure that you love it after many years, as much as when it was first bought.

Kitchens are a large investment, so it might be prudent to opt for something with classic style, ageless colouring and elegant hardware to ensure that it remains relevant for many years to come.

Read this post to learn more about creating a timeless style in your home.


a selection of colours for a timeless kitchen design in grey and pale green tones

One of the key decisions to make if you want a timeless kitchen design is colour. Opting for trend-led finishes such as deep Indigo blues or our Dusky Pink shade make for an amazing space, but may not be the choice for you if you want a more classic feel and a kitchen to suit your home for an extended period of time. Even more so if you are interested in frequency changing wall colours and decor within the space.

We recommend neutral colour palettes for your timeless kitchen design, using colours such as pale Greys, Ivory or White. Our painted finishes such as Platinum or Pumice also work great, along with range finishes such as Princeton Pearl Grey or Urban Cobble Grey. If you do want to incorporate a touch of colour muted tones such as Sage or Stone might be the option for you to maintain the neutral colour tones.

Frontal styles aren’t the major factor in determining the timelessness of your kitchen, as many of our frontals either fit in a traditional, classic or modern feel, therefore provided this look suits your home, our frontals will look great in the home.


Dark wood kitchen with copper handles and green kitchen with brass handles

For a timeless look, choose good quality handles and avoid the current trends.  Go for timeless finishes like chrome, stainless steel, pewter and brass.  Also choose handles with a simple elegant shape.

If you really want something on-trend, copper, gold or black handles will have your kitchen bang up to date. Handles can be a good thing to experiment with as they are generally not too expensive and they can be easily changed at a future date.   However, bear in mind that you will need a similar style of handle with the same drill holes in order to change them.


a line drawing of a kitchen showing the location for sink cooker and fridge

Future proofing your kitchen design is an excellent way to ensure longevity and that you will enjoy using the space for many years. Will you be cooking for a growing family, or maybe even be living in a multi-generational space with grandparents or parents living within your home.

It is important to think not only about how you use the kitchen now, but how that space needs to function in the future too. Consider things like storage solutions, will you be able to reach as much or lift heavy items from wall cabinets for next 10 years?

If not maybe now is the time to think about wirework storage for easy access to cupboards or large wide pan drawers to store cooking utensils and crockery.  Pan drawers give easier access and avoid the need for bending down. You may also want to consider placing the appliances into a taller unit, which reduced the need to bend down to use.


a selection of cabinet internals and drawers for an organised timeless kitchen design

On the day of completion, you will lovingly load your kitchen items and food back into your brand new cabinets. They will be perfectly organised and be easy to access all of the items you need. However, over time it is likely this organisation will reduce, with new items being added. Therefore it is important that you think about the areas of the kitchen which might need a little extra help, and what solutions you can add into your design that ensure the cabinet remains organised over the many years you will be using your new kitchen. In addition to this, organised homes will never go out of style.

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