Traditional Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

The Scandinavian kitchen style is all about modern, clean lines, muted colours and natural materials and the key to achieving this look is by using a very pale or white colour scheme. A Scandinavian kitchen, or Scandi, as it is commonly refereed to looks great in kitchens and it has never been easier to apply this idea to your kitchen design.

If you like the Scandi style, then take a look below for some tips on how to incorporate this look into your kitchen.


scandinavian kitchen style calls for plant life

Add greenery and bring the outside in

1. Think About Nature

Bring the outside in with large windows to flood you kitchen with natural light, or have lots of greenery and plant life to bring a sense of calm to your space. Place some plants or succulents in key positions in your kitchen and these can make the world of difference; it can make the space seem calmer and help create a relaxing environment.

choose a pale palette for the scandi trend

A pale palette

2. Pick a Pale Colour Palette

A Scandinavian kitchen style should use lots of whites, or lighter muted colours in your design. If you want some colour then Platinum, Cashmere, Stone or Sage are perfect choice for your Scandi kitchen. By using white or pale colours in your kitchen it can make the space seem lighter and brighter, and help even if your kitchen isn’t blessed with lots of square footage. A lighter colour scheme, as shown above, will allow more light to reflect around the room, giving the illusion of a larger kitchen.

oak worktops pair perfectly with the scandi trend

Use natural products like this wooden worktop

3. Use Natural Materials

The Scandinavian kitchen style uses lots of wood in the design and links to the idea of bringing the outside in. Why not try pairing a wooden floor with a solid surface worktop for the ultimate scandi feel, or opt for a natural wood work top if you’re after a more country style kitchen.

cranbrook by symphony offers affordability

Choose and affordable kitchen range

4. Don’t Break the Bank.

Scandi design, and not just the kitchen is about being affordable and accessible and shouldn’t be about struggling to afford the must-have appliances and gadgets. Kitchen furniture that doesn’t break the bank is available now from your local retailer, why not take a look at our Cranbrook range. This simple shaker style is characterised by simplicity and versatility and will suit every type of home.  It is also one of the lowest priced ranges in our collection, so speak to your local retailer for more information.

Not only does it look great, Cranbrook is the perfect kitchen to showcase the Scandi trend as it provides versatility that allows it to be the centrepiece of almost any kitchen design. It offers clean lines to any space and provides a neutral background that allows you to add pops of colour throughout your kitchen design; it is available in five colours, each of which has been beautifully crafted to offer a kitchen that will stand the test of time.