Manufacturing & Delivery

95% of our kitchens are delivered without any reported defects

We will never be out of stock on standard kitchen components

935,000 sq.ft of capacity

150-strong fleet of fully-owned vehicles



Symphony are currently manufacturing over 30,000 units per week, with the built-in flexibility to rapidly increase our capabilities if required. Symphony uses some of Europe’s most advanced manufacturing and assembly technology; including a state-of-the-art paint plant, drilling and edging machines.

Our capacity for supplying assembled cabinets is one of the largest in the UK. Our factory covers over 935,000 sq ft, offering built-in flexibility to meet changing demands. With a typical stock value holding of £15 million, of which £6.5 million is safety stock, you can be confident that your requirements will be consistently met.

Our purpose built facilities cover over 100 acres and we have incorporated the highest BREEAM standards into the construction.



At Symphony, we understand that you need a reliable delivery service in order to maintain our project schedule, which is why deliveries are made by our own fleet.

Our 150-strong fleet of fully-managed vehicles are some of the most economical and our delivery routes are consistently optimised to ensure that they are the most direct and efficient therefore keeping journeys to a minimum.

We have a UK-wide network of strategically placed trunking depots providing greater flexibility and a more reliable delivery service.

Ensuring deliveries are correct is our priority, which is why all items are scanned on and off vehicles, with the majority of kitchens delivered without any reported defects. Due to our high stock holding, we pride ourselves on never balancing standard kitchen components; you can trust us to deliver a full kitchen every time.