Joining forces to raise awareness of limb loss and limb difference

Charities and support groups around the UK have dedicated April 2023 to being Limb Loss & Limb Difference Awareness Month. Helping to empower those who are impacted within our communities, the objective is to work towards a world where we are all informed, educated and aware, in turn reducing isolation and loneliness while increasing self-esteem and well-being.

One of the ways that we at Symphony can help is with our Freedom range of accessible kitchens. Designed in collaboration with Adam Thomas, a leading expert in accessible design and founder of the Adam Thomas Consultancy, these practical and ergonomic kitchens are created for anyone with mobility requirements as well as multi-generational living and anyone with the desire to future-proof their home.

“The most important thing for a client living with lower limb loss is to design for all eventualities,” says Adam.  “I recommend that the kitchen be designed in such a way that it can be used from a standing, sitting or perching stool position.  By far the best thing to consider is a rise and fall worktop as it can be positioned at the optimal height to suit all users and situations.  Also, this worktop has a waterfall edge which has a raised lip to reduce liquids spilling over the edge – and gives you something to hold onto when balancing or moving around the kitchen.  Positioning of ovens, hobs, and sinks and other appliances and storage is critical and makes the difference between being able to use the kitchen or not at all.”


Appliances and their position within the kitchens layout is without doubt one of the most important elements for practicality as well as safety.  “What’s really important for someone with upper limb loss is getting things in and out of the oven, considering the type of appliances and positioning of appliances from the worktop is really vital, for example incorporating a slide and hide oven positioned at a right angle to a rise & fall worktop can allow the worktop to be raised up alongside the oven’s telescopic shelves so that you can slide food to and from the oven without ever having to lift it.” adds Adam.  “Some suppliers also offer a range a voice-activated appliances, so for those with no or limited hand movement, you can now control your oven through voice or app.  Designing work zones to cut the number of steps you need to take is also vital.  I always design a sick and hob close to each other, so you can get a hot pan to the sink without having to move.  The same goes for oven to worktop, dishwasher to storage, and food and milk to worktop, ensuring good proximity is essential and can make a huge difference”.


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