To support the continuing trend for Grey interiors in a modern super matt finish which features a more robust “super matt” surface finish.

Pebble represents a warmer sand colour whilst cobble is a popular mid-grey décor whilst Grey Walnut is a lighter textured woodgrain finish, which suits a mix and
match choice and a lighter brighter feeling home. Grey Walnut will co-ordinate well with other grey finishes such as Pebble and Cobble.

Concrete represents an evolution of the popularity of stone textured kitchens, creating a modern style with an industrial feel. This light concrete décor features a
subtle texture and features a variation in colour that will suite a variety of room settings.


Kitchen visualiser

See what your Symphony kitchen could look like before you buy? Customise your options with the choice of colour, handles, and worktops. Once you have made your decision, simply email yourself (or your kitchen designer) with your choices and start planning your perfect kitchen.

Create Your Kitchen


Frontal Finished

18mm Matt PVC Edged MFC

Concrete (Koncept only)

Cobble Grey

Grey Walnut (Koncept only)


Light grey door frontal


Recommended Handle Options

Our selection of handle options allows you to create a unique look and feel that is personal to you. These are just some recommendations for this range.

HPK671 Matt Nickel Wide Bow Handle

HPK794 Antique Copper Bow Handle (Koncept only)

HPK796 Brushed Bronze Arched Bridge Handle (Koncept only)

HPK645 Brushed Nickle Arched Bridge Handle

HPK354 Matt Nickel Chunky D Handle

Recommended Worktop Colours

Creativity doesn’t have to stop with your furniture but can extend to your worktop, our range of of work surfaces offer individuality in your kitchen. These are just some recommendations for this range

Marble Siroco

Copper Slate


Block of worktop in light white and grey marble effect

Arctic Marble

Cloudy Cement

Gey worktop with white and darker grey speckles

Grey Terrazzo

Platinum Metallic