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Whether you choose sharp style, or subtle with a touch of elegance; bold shades or natural tones, your bedroom should match your mood… and with so many options, Urbano’s ideal!
It's easy with Urbano by Symphony

Finishing Touches

Once you have chosen your perfect kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, have a look at the finshing touches that can personalise your space and really showcase your personality. 

The latest in LED lighting technology for the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Discreet Overhead Lighting

Illuminated Hanging Rails

Illuminated Wall Hung Mirror

Integrated Internal Lighting

Personalisng your room begins with handles. Choose from a mix of styles, from ultra-chic to more traditional... the choice is yours. 

Kensington Bar Handle - Option 4

Satin Nickel Square Knob - Option 5

Concave Satin Nickel Handle - Option 8

Chrome Glitter Square Knob - Option 14

Chrome Glitter Bar Handle - Option 15

Square Bar Polished Chrome Handle - Option 20

Large 'D' Polished Chrome Handle - Option 22

Stepped Polished Chrome Handle - Option 23

Innovative storage solutions make the most of every inch of space available in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, whilst keeping everything accesible and within easy reach. 

Floating Shelf

Internal Storage Options

Pull-Down Hanging Rail

Tie or Trouser Rack