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Lindo. The Collection offers four independent portfolios of bathroom furniture and a portfolio of common accessories. Browse through our range of products and select the one that suits your home best. We recommend that you visit your local retailer for their expert planning and design advice and to view the products. We hope you enjoy creating the perfect bathroom with us.
Aquadi by Symphony

Finishing Touches

Once you have chosen your perfect kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, have a look at the finshing touches that can personalise your space and really showcase your personality. 

Countertops are available to coordinate across fitted and modular units. 

Taurus Black

Taurus Beige

Taurus Crystal

Strass Noir

Personalisng your room begins with handles. Choose from a mix of styles, from ultra-chic to more traditional... the choice is yours. 

Large Chrome Bar Handle - Choice 57

Chrome Chunky Square 'D' Bar Handle - Choice 60

Chrome Chunky Square 'C' Handle - Choice 61

Chrome Angled 'C' Handle - Choice 62

Innovative storage solutions make the most of every inch of space available in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, whilst keeping everything accesible and within easy reach. 

Glass Shelving

Mirrored Cabinet

Open-Sided Mirror Cabinet

Towel Rail