Over the last 12 months, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of home baking and you couldn’t scroll on Instagram without a banana bread popping up on your feed. As more and more people change their lifestyles with home working during the 9 to 5 and weekends spent enjoying new hobbies and skills, the kitchen has quickly become the central focus of the home.

Kitchens of course have always been the hub of the home and these multifunctional spaces are ideal for bringing the family together, whether it be for cooking, eating, relaxing, entertaining, working or simply with everyone doing their own thing, but in the same room.

a pale blue kitchen with a classic kitchen pantry within it. A selection of kitchenware is shown within the pantry

New England Providence Blue with Traditional Kitchen Pantry

Kitchens designed for you

In order to help take the stress out of home baking and cooking constant meals for the family, here at Symphony we know and understand what makes a great kitchen. You want your cabinetry to look stylish and on-trend, whether it’s classic or contemporary in colour and design, and you also want it to be practical and functional for everyday use. That’s why we have introduced pantries into all ranges within our Gallery collection of high-quality, designer-look fitted kitchens.

Pantries have really come back into fashion over the past few years, especially in open-plan kitchens where there is plenty of space to install all manner of storage solutions. And while the walk-in larder is an enviable addition to an all-singing, all-dancing kitchen space, for rooms that require a more space-saving storage option, our new pantries are perfect for all spaces and offer so many ways to get organised – and stay organised.

Pantries are the ideal place to store everything from crockery and cookware to dried ingredients for baking, spices, rice, cereals, pasta and pulses as well as fresh produce that needs to be kept in a cool spot but not necessarily refrigerated. It’s a wonderful way of reducing waste too, as everything is on show with easy access so there’s no more doubling up on the shopping when you forget that yes, you do have plenty of self-raising flour and caster sugar in stock!

an open kitchen pantry in an atlantic green kitchen showing oak finish internals and a selection of kitchenware stored within it

New England Atlantic Green with Traditional Kitchen Pantry

Classic style with timeless appeal

When planning a pantry within a classic kitchen an in-frame design teamed with wood internals works well. This type of cabinet design is incredibly versatile as it can be matched with traditional features for a farmhouse look or styled with an edge for a modern country feel. It is also important to carefully consider the many different storage options available that are designed to help keen cooks stay organised. To ensure a classic theme throughout, exposed wood open shelving looks great and provides easy access to everyday items, while pull-out wicker baskets and wooden drawers are a great way to store fruit and vegetables as well as dried ingredients for baking. It is also possible to add spice racks and rails to the inside of the doors as well as a plate rack and wine rack, providing a stylish one-stop storage cupboard for the whole household.


a white princeton kitchen with a kitchen pantry. Shown with anthracite internals and proped with various kitchenware items

Princeton Chalk White with Contemporary Kitchen Pantry

Contemporary design with a seamless look

In contemporary open plan kitchens, a standalone pantry that is large enough to store everything from cupboard essentials, baking ingredients, glasses and more ensures items are within easy access and reach when cooking. When it’s time to tidy up the kitchen, simply close the doors and all contents are concealed from view – perfect for kitchens with a dining area that need quick and easy storage to hide clutter from guests. We offer modern wirework storage racks as well as drawers and baskets in a striking anthracite finish that is synonymous with contemporary industrial chic.

Whatever style you prefer, our new kitchen pantries are designed to make life in the kitchen simpler, more organised and more enjoyable, each and every day.

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